Multilevel Converter for Renewable Energy System

  • Vishal AnandEmail author
  • Varsha Singh
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Multilevel converters are very much involved in application which is high as well as medium voltage applications. They are utilised to inject voltages into grid, which is considered as an example of infinite voltage application, where the reliability of converters plays a significant role. More the level of multilevel converter has, more the chances of sinusoidal output voltages. Hybrid topologies of MLIs, which are capable of handling switching stresses, utilisation of DC sources, capacitor balancing and capacitor current ripple and losses are discussed. In order to maintain the reliable network, auxiliary switches are used. These are usually comprised of diodes, bridges or bi-directional switches. This paper also focuses on the full utilisation of DC link capacitor for multilevel inverter and few new topologies along with its mode of operations.


Multilevel converter DC link capacitor Auxillary switch DC sources Active bus voltage utilization Advanced multilevel inverter topologies 


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