Simple and Coverage Path Planning for Robots: A Survey

  • R. S. D. PragnaviEmail author
  • Akhileshwar Maurya
  • Bharath N. Rao
  • Akash Krishnan
  • Srijan Agarwal
  • Maya Menon
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 98)


Path planning plays a significant role in most of the applications in the field of robotics. Path planning ensures that the robot follows a planned and efficient path in the environment. This paper discusses the types of path planning, i.e., simple and coverage path planning. It explores the advancements made in the research and development of various algorithms and approaches under the two types. It also discusses the application of these path planning strategies in real-life scenarios. The final section describes the application of path planning in search and rescue operations in a disaster environment. Based on the study, some algorithms and approaches are suggested for the most efficient use of the robot in this scenario.


Robotics Simple Path Planning Coverage Path Planning Search operation 


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  • Akhileshwar Maurya
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  • Bharath N. Rao
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  • Akash Krishnan
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  • Srijan Agarwal
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  • Maya Menon
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