Comprehensive Study of Existing Stream Ciphers

  • S. ChaithanyaEmail author
  • V. Anitha
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Now a day’s internet of things is one of the rapidly growing research field in the information technology domain. Offering security for this ever-augmenting technology is still remaining as the challenging task. Cryptographic techniques are used to authenticate and maintain confidentiality of message data. To maintain the security, system cryptographic algorithms and protocols are very essential. The system is mainly categorized into two groups namely stream cipher and block cipher. Stream cipher has its own advantage over block cipher. In this paper, we reviewed some of the stream ciphers. Selection of finest algorithms for the security of internet of things is very difficult in terms of energy and storage. The study aims to summarize some of the existing stream cipher techniques. This paper gives details on fundamental knowledge about encryption algorithms and its comparison. We also describe the design considerations of stream ciphers.


Cryptography Security Stream cipher Block cipher Internet of things Encryption algorithms 


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