A New (3, 3) Secret Sharing Cryptography Scheme for Efficient Secret Data Transmission

  • Ariba TariqEmail author
  • Rajitha Bakthula
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 98)


The increased rate of internet usage in data transmission has led to the tampering or loss of data over the internet. The transmitted data may contain some confidential information, wherein the privacy of the information cannot be compromised. Secret Sharing scheme is used to secure the transmitted data. It deals with hiding a secret image (text image, scenery, etc.) into various cover images and then transmitting over the web to the receiver. Thus, a secret sharing scheme is proposed in this paper where a secret image is hidden in 3 cover images using LSB (least significant bit) technique to protect it during transmission. Each share contains a part of the secret image but the secret cannot be revealed independently. After comparing the proposed method with the state-of-the-art approaches, it was found to be the best.


Secret Sharing Digital images Secret image Cover image Stego image LSB PSNR SSIM 


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