Ranked Keyword Search Result Verification to Detect Misbehaving Cloud Servers

  • L. AshwiniEmail author
  • N. R. Sunitha
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 98)


Nowadays, so many people outward their delicate information to the cloud in an encrypted format to maintain its privacy. On this basis, financial cloud computing becomes more efficient and useful. Protected keyword go through encrypted cloud information has fascinated many scholars for performing an effective data utilization. Current research is based on the impression that a cloud server is curious but truthful and therefore the search outcomes are not proved. But in real-world, sometimes cloud server might compromise and behave untruthfully. To maintain the reliability and secrecy, the outsourced delicate information should remain in the encrypted form. It is a task to go through the encoded data. There is a search facility to deliberate a ranked keyword search and there will be various data users and important files imported into the cloud. Hence, we propose a Ranked keyword search result verification for the detection of misbehaving cloud servers. We demonstrate two misbehaving scenarios of cloud server that will be detected by data user by using the relevance score of each file. In the whole process cloud server operates on the encrypted data.


Cloud-computing RSA CP-ABE Ranked keyword 


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