There’s No Business Like Software Business: Trends in Software Intensive Business Research

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Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 370)


Software intensive business research is rapidly evolving. Over the last decade we have witnessed a surge in research output but as the field matures, its future remains unsure. In this paper an overview is provided of the highlights and trends of software intensive business research. We briefly discuss the most cited papers in the domain and provide a hype cycle for software intensive business research. With this paper, we hope that researchers can forge more solid research strategies for themselves in the domain, to achieve longevity, academic depth, and impact.


Software business hype cycle Software intensive business Software ecosystems 



Please note that parts of the Section on software ecosystems have been discussed by Michael Cusumano, Karl Popp, and myself in an IEEE Software Special Issue on Software Ecosystems [10]. Also, I thank Krzysztof Wnuk for his excellent comments on this paper.


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