Change Management Practices for Continuous Delivery - A Systematic Literature Mapping

  • Telcio Elui CardosoEmail author
  • Alan R. Santos
  • Rafael Chanin
  • Afonso Sales
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 370)


The agility proposed by new software development practices such as Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment may introduce challenges to the teams who adopt such practices. One of these challenges is the change management process. The goal of this systematic literature mapping is to understand which change management practices are used in environments that adopted CDE or CD, focused on practices that could benefit application support teams, an important stakeholder in the software development life-cycle. Our study indicates the change management practices, in environments where CDE and CD have been adopted, have not been deeply explored and documented, an opportunity for future researches.


Continuous Delivery Continuous Deployment Agile Software Development Change Management Knowledge Management Software Configuration Management Application Support 


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