Pre/Post Session Measurement

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Mobile simulation is an emerging environment and platform that educators can leverage when conducting simulation encounters. Though the intended audience may vary from site to site, the flexibility of an immersive platform merits consideration due to the benefits seen with existing successful mobile simulation programs. Implementing and utilizing an effective pre/post evaluative tool can assist facilities, sites, and planners in demonstrating the impact of an immersive encounter. A well-planned tool can assist program, facility, and site administrators in highlighting the impact of simulation in a mobile environment. Effective data collection has the ability to depict results that demonstrate benefits and staff-reported outcomes of a mobile program. Conducting simulation with a mobile platform allows underserved clinical areas the opportunity to experience simulation outside of the traditional fixated brick and mortar facility and within their own native clinical environment. Deliberate planning should go into the design of the pre/post assessment tool to demonstrate the impact of simulation. Designing questions that leverage the immersive experience collectively with clinical and educational objectives has the potential to showcase the return on investment in mobile simulation encounters across various clinical professions.


Mobile simulation Simulation Educational objectives Mobile simulation platforms – pre/post assessment tools 


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