Application of Internet Assistance Computation for Disease Prediction and Bio-modeling: Modern Trends in Medical Science

  • Manojit Bhattacharya
  • Avijit Kar
  • Ramesh Chandra Malick
  • Chiranjib Chakraborty
  • Basanta Kumar Das
  • Bidhan Chandra PatraEmail author
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 174)


The newer trends have been shown in modern biomedical science, where bio-computational based approaches apply Internet of Things (IoT); which has provided smart facility of health condition monitoring, disease diagnosis and modeling. Therefore, computational application regarding biomedical system comprises with core level like genomics to boarder area as proteomics. Through big data growth as well as ascending of specialist bioinformatics tools into clinical and medical care societies helps correct detection and interpretation of biomedical data facilitated to untimely findings of the disease, caring of patient and promising health system supports. Conversely, the correctness of clinical diagnosis is reducing while the excellence of stored data showing incompleteness or imperfections with relation to in vivo environment. Such internet assistance bioinformatics tools now greater looks genotype to phenotype analysis focus bimolecular structure remodeling with multiple advances, their interaction to environment and ultimately future evolution in global scale. This can better achieved for the vast storage of biological data with supporting bibliographic and accurate biological annotation over internet database like GENBANK, NORD, OMIM etc. lead to the eHealth care in advance time and space. Current chapter deals with the contemporary available innovations which associate the data mining from different internet oriented bioinformatics tools and techniques, server lead to genotype remodeling, Insilco therapeutic approaches, drugs discovery along with the evolutionary trends for mass community services and better future implication. A significant drive also taken to highlight the possibility for upcoming research on IoT-based healthcare centred laid on numbers of well-known topics and challenges linked with intelligent cyber-physical smart universal contexts.


Internet of things Bioinformatics Healthcare Disease Therapeutic 


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