A Brief Survey: 3D Face Reconstruction

  • Tianhan GaoEmail author
  • Hui AnEmail author
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3D reconstruction technology is an important branch in the field of computer vision. Due to the large proportion of face information when people browsing pictures and the rapid development of virtual reality applications, face reconstruction technology has attracted more attention from researchers over many years. In terms of the special structure of human face, 3D faces reconstruction is quite different from ordinary object 3D reconstruction. This paper summaries the approaches of obtaining face data and the expression of 3d face. The reconstruction effect of each method is analyzed, including the advantages and disadvantages, the issues that can be improved, as well as the prospect of the future work.


Computer vision 3D face reconstruction Expression of 3D face 



This paper is supported by China Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities under Grant No. N180716019 and Grant No. N182808003.


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