Ubiquitous Platform as a Service for Large-Scale Ubiquitous Applications Cloud-Based

  • Marwa ZaryouliEmail author
  • Mostafa Ezziyyani
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 92)


Ubiquitous computing have many challenges including the limitation of multi-domain, intensive mobility of users, the lack of a uniform namespace limited resources, lack of scalability, intensive applications… all of this leads researchers to provide ubiquitous hybrid architectures that are typically cloud- based. In this article, we propose a cloud-based ubiquitous application platform, Leveraging the potential of cloud computing in supporting large-scale ubiquitous computing applications.

The principal goal of this architecture is to remove the limitations on pure ubiquitous architectures. Indeed, two categories of services are presented in this architecture, the first one based on the distance between requesting and responding entities, and the second one based on the nature of services, both of which are independent of the type of application.


Ubiquitous computing Cloud-based Services Pervasive computing Ubiquitous cloud computing 


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