Patient-Centered Smart Healthcare Information System

  • Kamen SpassovEmail author
  • Denisa Chekresi
  • Gerta Dervisi
  • Enduena Lleshanaku
  • Maria Velichkova
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Healthcare is a complex system with many actors involved such as Patient, General Practitioner, Hospital, and Pharmacy. The focus is on the Patient, however, actors collaborate to deliver the best healthcare service to the patient. Each of the elements of the healthcare system is a separate complicated system. This paper proposed a patient-centric smart healthcare information system (PCSHIS) integrates and orchestrates Patient Records Repository, General Practitioner Information System, Pharmacy Information System, and Hospital Information System to optimize the expenses of health service delivery and to ensure the best possible healthcare. All systems are built and integrated into a prototype PCSHIS with a software platform for building applications dOS of dWare company.


Patient-Centric smart healthcare information system Patient records repository General practitioner information system Pharmacy information system Hospital information system 



This work was made possible thanks to the kind support of Mr. Damian Ivanov, founder, and CEO of dWare, who passed away during the execution of this project. He and his company graciously provided documentation, training, and access to use dOS as a platform to develop the prototype of patient-centric smart healthcare system (PCSHIS) presented in the article.


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