Review of Delay Causes in Construction Projects

  • Abdulhamid AlGhethEmail author
  • Md. Ishak Sayuti
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Civil Engineering book series (LNCE, volume 53)


Construction delay is the one of major factors globally which have a high impact in countries’ economy and development in UAE and any other countries. The present paper reports an exploratory research study of previous international research into delay factors affecting project delivery. The objective of this research was to provide a general overview of construction delays in order to recognize the main groups of delays and compare the UAE construction projects with international studies. In total, 14 groups were found to contribute to causing construction delays. Studies of the international and UAE construction industry are in agreement that the main group of factors that affect project completion are management factors; then, the second group comprises financial factors however the top 3 groups in UAE are contractor management group, client financial group and the client management group. In international the top 3 groups are contractor management group, client management group and the third is contractor financial group.


Construction delay Construction Delay factors management 


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