Paradoxes of Transference and the Place of the Psychoanalyst: Commentary on Session XXIII

  • Rodrigo GonsalvesEmail author
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This commentary focuses on Lacan’s discussion of the clinical relevance of the Ego-Ideal and the Ideal Ego, as well as their relationship to narcissism in the XXIII session of Seminar VIII. From the main threads explored by Jacques Lacan along with a viable tension between philosophical and psychoanalytic arguments, this commentary provides insights and grounds to consider the exploration of the thinker. The commentary underlines three main subsets of Lacan’s discussion: (1) The psychoanalysts and their crowd; (2) Paradoxes of transference; and, (3) The place of the psychoanalyst; aiming at a better refinement of the French psychoanalyst concerns surrounding transference, its clinical validity and importance.


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