Sovereign Independence? Rhodesians and the Monarchy, 1965–1970

  • David Kenrick
Part of the Britain and the World book series (BAW)


Kenrick examines the position of Queen Elizabeth II as Rhodesia’s head of state in the mid- to late 1960s. The changing position of the Monarch in white Rhodesian society is used to highlight how Rhodesian nationalism evolved in the years after declaring independence. The chapter outlines the history of the British royal family in settler societies around the world, exploring the concept of a ‘loyal rebellions’ against the British government but not the Crown. Kenrick shows how Rhodesia initially followed the route of a loyal rebellion, but was forced by its defence of white-minority rule to abandon the Queen and declare a republic in 1970. The chapter shows how, by disavowing the British Monarchy, Rhodesia became more like the non-settler colonies it criticised.

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