On the Application of the Photogrammetric Method to the Diagnostics of Transport Infrastructure Objects

  • Pavel Elugachev
  • Boris ShumilovEmail author
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 260)


The implementation of plans to create “smart cities” as one of the most important parts of the digital economy requires the priority development of transport infrastructure, ensuring the movement of people and goods within the city and surrounding areas. The safe operation and maximum throughput of this cyber-physical system are possible provided that a diagnostic technology is created for transport infrastructure objects, including those based on a video recording of road conditions. The algorithm of technical vision, which is proposed to be implemented as a program on mobile devices, for recognizing objects of the transport infrastructure and their defects using stereometry is investigated. The obtained data can be used when planning road repairs, in the analysis of road accidents, to process applications of road users, etc.


Roads as a cyber-physical system Photogrammetry Calibration 


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