A Novel Watermarking Algorithm for Color Point-Cloud Models Based on 2D-DCT

  • Shiru ZhangEmail author
  • Feifei Wang
  • Shuang Zhai
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 1075)


As a result of the development of 3D color printers, three-dimensional color point-cloud models tends to be digitization. At the same time, the copyright protection is becoming more prominent. Current researches on digital watermarking for color point-cloud models have not been found in the literature libraries. A new digital watermarking scheme for three-dimensional color point-cloud models is proposed based on two-dimensional DCT (2D-DCT) transform to achieve an appropriate trade-off between transparency and robustness. Some effective points selected is firstly projected for the color three-dimensional point-cloud model and then a 2D color image is obtained. In the color image, the watermarking information is inserted by modifying the coefficient of 2D-DCT and then the image with watermarking information is mapped back to the color three-dimensional point-cloud model. Experimental results show the proposed method can successfully embed and extract the watermark information in color three-dimensional point-cloud model. The algorithm outperforms other three-dimensional point-cloud model watermarking methods in terms of imperceptibility and robustness, especially for against geometric attack.


Color point-cloud model Digital watermarking 2D-DCT transform 


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