Learning to Learn: Lessons from 25 Years Managing a Design Company Abbreviated in 3 Ideas by the Secretary General of the United Nations

  • Gonçalo FalcãoEmail author
Part of the Springer Series in Design and Innovation book series (SSDI, volume 1)


This chapter compiles some key thoughts from my 25-year experience in leading a graphic design company. The chapter was developed with the intention of building a reflective writing process, and specifically to consider how my education and training background shaped my practice, and how my professional experience can be used in a transformative way, back again, in education. I summarize the key lessons I gathered, and articulate them with some relevant points from the speech of António Guterres, the United Nations Secretary General, at the award ceremony of his Honoris Causa degree at the University of Lisbon. Guterres’s reflection about the role of his own college education helped transform small design issues into a broader picture about the superiority of academic studies.


Professional design practice Reflective writing Design education Design ethnography 


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