Toward an Outline of Jewish Name-Theology

  • Hillel Ben-Sasson
Part of the Jewish Thought and Philosophy book series (JTP)


The summary revisits key findings pertaining to each of the interpretations and conceptual systems discussed throughout the work, with an emphasis on their implications on YHWH’s status as a proper name for the divine. It offers a broader comparative overview of the evolution of meanings attributed to the Name and suggests that from the biblical interpretation of the Name, which integrates both a descriptive and an indicative sense, two hermeneutical traditions emerge. Most importantly, the book concludes that out of the integration of these two hermeneutical traditions, a tendency particular to the Jewish tradition is revealed, indicating that Jews ask less what or who God is, and more how can He be spoken to.

Following the summary part, this concluding chapter turns to chart what, in the author’s view, are the key directions a contemporary name-theology ought to take, both in the individual and in the collective realms.


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