Brethren in Plymouth and Wales

  • Timothy C. F. Stunt
Part of the Christianities in the Trans-Atlantic World book series (CTAW)


Anglican and Quaker origins gave Plymouth Brethren some oecumenical openness (epitomized in an early tract by SPT) but also anti-clerical other-worldliness. The personal rivalry of Newton and Darby as leaders resulted in tension and disagreement especially over prophecy and dispensationalism with divisions and separation extending to Brethren in London, and SPT (a loyal supporter of Newton) was drawn into the dispute, both in Plymouth and London. In London, SPT shared his enthusiasm for Welsh culture and Brethren ideals with John Eliot Howard and John Pughe which in turn led to contact with the Welsh bard Eben Fardd who made available to SPT preaching facilities in North Wales and with whom SPT maintained a Welsh correspondence for many years.

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