Morbid Pleasure: Children in Death Camps

  • Ewa StańczykEmail author


This chapter discusses contemporary remembrance of child victims at the museums established on the site of former death camps, with a particular focus on Majdanek. I explore here both the exhibitions devoted to the young victims of the atrocity and the educational activities that are aimed at schoolchildren. By focusing on the idea of morbid pleasure, this chapter discusses how the commemoration of Polish, Jewish, Roma, Ukrainian and Belarusian children through both exhibitions and extra-curricular activities not only promotes the ideas of tolerance and diversity among the contemporary youth but also develops “dark curiosity” in genocide. As I argue in this chapter, the inferred vulnerability of the child and the interactive dimension of the majority of these projects strengthen an affective relationship between those being commemorated and those who commemorate, whilst leaving contemporary schoolchildren in awe of the scale of suffering experienced by their World War II counterparts

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