Safety Measures for Firecrackers Industry Using IOT

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Today safety is an integral part of industrial management system. Fire safety becomes the most important due to its very serious effects as a small mistake may cause severe damage. Many of the firecrackers industries manufacture firecrackers, matchbox, and printing during summer, the hot and dry climate is appropriate for manufacturing. Fireworks are the device that uses explosive, flammable material to create spectacular displays of light, noise and smoke. As in any manufacturing industry, Fireworks units also have accidents taking place in the worksite. The major cause for the fire accident are due to environmental changes and some human error. In IOT technology the fire-fighting, fire monitoring and safety management system are an important applications. So that the IOT based fire safety in the firecrackers industry is developed by placing the various sensors for monitoring the environmental parameters. All the sensor nodes are interfaced to the Arduino microcontroller and if any of the sensor node detects the abnormalities in environmental parameter the fire alert is given and once the fire is triggered the water is sprinkled over the area.


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