Design of Flexible Multiplier Using Wallace Tree Structure for ECC Processor Over Galosis Field

  • C. LakshmiEmail author
  • P. Jesu Jayarin
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Security is a main parameter in Networks. To ensure the security in network various cryptography algorithms are implemented. Instead of using software based security, the hardware based security system increases security features. ECC processor is a hardware based security crypto processor works based on Elliptic curve cryptography, the key generation is very fast compare to AES, RSA. ECC processor has many modules such as arithmetic and logic units, Control unit etc.,. The Arithmetic unit Consist of Multiplier, Adder. Various optimization techniques and multiplier algorithm are implemented to increase the efficiency. In this paper we are proposed the novel architecture of flexible multiplier.


ECC processor Elliptic curve cryptography Key generation Cryptography algorithms Flexible multiplier 


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