IoT Based Innovation Schemes in Smart Irrigation System with Pest Control

  • J. FreedaEmail author
  • J. Josepha menandas
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In this paper we have presented a new system for automatic water irrigation along with pest detection framework. This system can be used for monitoring the water level and accordingly watering the crops in agricultural lands. Based on the level of water in the soil, the water pump is activated. In addition, in this system we have proposed a new algorithm for detecting the pests in the plants. Based on the type of pest suitable steps can be taken to eradicate them. Here, we have used Hu moments for representing the leaves. These features were opted since they are invariant to scale, rotation or translation and thereby can be effectively used to represent the affected portion of the leaf invariant to their orientation. The proposed algorithm is based on the extraction of suitable features from the leaves of the plants. The extracted features are then used for classification. The proposed algorithm was compared with existing algorithms like k-NN and decision tree and was found to produce excellent results.


Accuracy Hu moments Irrigation Classification IoT 


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