Real Time Categorical Availability of Blood Units in a Blood Bank Using IoT

  • N. Hari KeshavEmail author
  • H. Divakar
  • R. Gokul
  • G. Senthil Kumar
  • V. D. Ambeth Kumar
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In recent times there is a constant issues rising over in search of blood. Not every blood is readily available in every blood bank. Some blood group is rarely available thus making the patients really suffer in emergency times. There is huge value lies in the patient’s life. There are many incidents happened in the past where people died after not getting the blood in time. About 40,000 thousand people in India need blood each day. Every blood packets donated by the donor is collected by the corresponding blood bank location. There is a need to develop a system that makes the recipients to know about the blood packets available in the blood bank. An effective system should directly connect the recipient to blood bank effectively.


Blood bank Database Cloud server Image detection 


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  • H. Divakar
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  • R. Gokul
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  • G. Senthil Kumar
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  • V. D. Ambeth Kumar
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