Vehicle Monitoring and Accident Prevention System Using Internet of Things

  • G. ParthasarathyEmail author
  • Y. Justindhas
  • T. R. Soumya
  • L. Ramanathan
  • A. AnigoMerjora
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Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 35)


Safety features are at the top of present day requirements in any automobiles. The lives of people driving around in different kinds of automobiles are the most important priority to every manufacturer and customer. Therefore there has been a rise in the automation and accident prevention mechanisms in the present day vehicles. Considerable effort is being put into the automation of vehicles that are in use. The most challenging part lies in the making of safety features available at affordable cost. An internet of things module implemented with the use of several sensors embedded in the system helps in the achievement of this facility. A system proposed in this article has been implemented and has proved effective results. The system consists of various individual models which have been combined r to form a hybrid system. It provides some high end safety features to the vehicle using it. The system allows the complete monitoring of the vehicle and also has a typical role in automation and accident prevention, thereby saving countless lives.


Vehicle monitoring Automation Internet of Things Sensor Arduino Buzzer 


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