IndQuery - An Online Portal for Registering E-Complaints Integrated with Smart Chatbot

  • Sharath Kumar NarasimanEmail author
  • T. H. Srinivassababu
  • S. Suhit Raja
  • R. Babu
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes on Data Engineering and Communications Technologies book series (LNDECT, volume 35)


Transparency is very significant for a successful e-governance. IndQuery is a complaint registering system used to improve the visibility of the actions taken on the complaints issued by the citizens. IndQuery is specifically developed for registering the complaints from the citizens. Also, when people need information regarding the house related services or finding difficulties in accessing those services provided by the government they can raise complaints and report it directly to the respective officials easily and effortlessly. Along with this, a chatbot is developed using artificial intelligence which is integrated with the website and many other social media platforms, to interact with the users dynamically. This Chatbot is mainly trained for reducing the official’s workload and improvising the communication services. As it is difficult to find particular websites and contact details for reporting each problem, this website is considered vital for development. Also taking into consideration, the officials find difficulties for replying each and every complaint raised by thousands of citizens; Chatbot does the work for them. On the event of getting instantaneous replies people find it confident that their work is half done. The complaints can be submitted by the users from their respective portal which are stored in the database and further retrieved and displayed on the respective official’s portal, by which the problems could be reviewed and resolved. Also, a feedback system is provided on which the users can rate the quality of service provided for them while the fixing of their complaints. This Chatbot can also be integrated with other platforms like Facebook messenger, Twitter, Telegram, Skype etc. to function conveniently with the users.


Complaint register system Chatbot Artificial Intelligence Machine learning Information storage and retrieval 


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  • T. H. Srinivassababu
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  • S. Suhit Raja
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  • R. Babu
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