IoT Based Smart Electric Meter

  • M. DhivyaEmail author
  • K. Valarmathi
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Electricity is the basic needs of our life and people cannot think of a world without electricity. In the existing practice of meter reading technique, the meter reading analysis is completed by the help of EB person. But this practice leads to numerous drawbacks like inaccuracies during calculation, nonappearance of customer during billing period and additional payments for the billing procedure. To overcome this issue, IOT based smart electric meter is established. It targets to decrease the man power for the billing. An energy calculation through wireless smart meter using IOT is projected for spontaneous meter data assortment, provide intimation through messages showed on LCD and energy examining, the analysis of consumer’s EB unit reading and cost will be automatically transfered to the server and aids to perceive the daily EB unit generation and cost. It can deliver there required data such as tariff difference and payable date for the payment. The customer can pay through on-line using RFID tag.


IOT Sensors Digital meter Zigbee 


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