M-Voting with Government Authentication System

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  • S. Malathi
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In the development of advanced mobile technologies, the historic balloting method can be replaced to a modernistic and potent scheme titled as mobile voting. The mobile voting system affords an uncomplicated, beneficial, powerful way to vote wipe out the drawback of traditional approach. In this paper we urge a mobile voting system which is in essence an online voting system over which users can cast their vote through their smartphones or by applying an e-voting network page. To bring out the security, OTP accession is used which is most generally on the network to confess the variation between a human using a network services automated bot thus effecting the network page more guarded against spam-bot attacks. If the consequence of the matching algorithm is three-point match then audits whether this person possess voter ID after that it will authorizes with AADHAAR ID, if he has the right to vote then a balloting form is granted to him and the third level of attestation is carried out by using One Time Password (OTP) and then the biometric recognition of fingerprint sensor is used for an authentication. Nowadays technology is being utilized progressively as a key to contribution voters to cast their ballots. In order to utilize the rights, approximately all voting system around the world embodies the steps: balloter identification and authentication, voting and documenting of votes expulsion, vote toll, notification of election results.


M-Voting Biometrics verification Portability secure Fingerprint recognition Mobile device 


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