Scientific Discussions of FES Russia on Digitalization of Economy of the 21st Century

  • Konstantin V. KhartanovichEmail author
  • Tatyana V. Starikova
  • Alexander V. Milenky
  • Natalya E. Tikhonyuk
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 91)


The world economic science in the 21st century faced a digital challenge. Unfortunately, it was not ready to accept it.

Scientific circles are actively searching for answers to numerous questions of development of modern and future digital economy. A lot of opinions presented. But, as we know, truth is born in discussions.

Purpose of the work: analyze important aspects of scientific discussions of scientists and practitioners of FES Russia on problems of digitalization of the economy, which are still being conducted at the most primary level. Scientists are trying to reach consensus on at least the basic concepts of the digital economy, starting with the identification of it.

The methodology for studying a content of discussions consists of: development of conceptual apparatus, method of interviewing and opinions of experts, statistical (quantitative) methods, methods of forecasting, estimation methods of state policy in the field of digital economy.

The results of the study: revealed common points of ground on the conceptual apparatus, generalized trends of digitalization, revealed the remaining differences. Found that the government is a powerful driver of digitalization.

Recommendations: give the status of a separate National project to a set of measures for the digitalization of the economy, Russian own technologies. Defense industry is a multiplier of digitalization of the national economy and also the attraction of mass investment in specific projects, as well as training of highly professional specialists.


Economy Digital economy Digitalization E-government New industrialization Government technology policy 

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O14 O33 O38 


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  • Tatyana V. Starikova
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  • Alexander V. Milenky
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  • Natalya E. Tikhonyuk
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