Dynamics of Rock Mass Seismicity During Mining Near the Saamsky Fault in the Kirovsky Mine, Apatit JSC

  • Anatoly Kozyrev
  • Svetlana ZhukovaEmail author
  • Olga Zhuravleva
Conference paper
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The approach of the mining operations to the Saamsky fault (the Khibiny rock massif) has resulted in changes in the stress-strain state of the rock mass and the seismic regime, which is seen in an increase of a number of seismic events and their energy. In the last decade, the large seismic events (energy more than 10 MJ) began to occur near the Saamsky fault area, which indicates the activation of this fault. Each large seismic event is accompanied by a number of smaller events—foreshocks and aftershocks. This study presents the results of a retrospective analysis of microseismic monitoring data in the area of the Saamsky Fault, which is one of the largest radial subvertical faults of the Khibiny massif. The impact of the mining operations with approaching the fault and the dynamics of seismicity has been analyzed. The causes of the activation of seismicity and its migration have been defined. It is shown that the further approaching of mining operations to the fault (such as extraction of the ore body and driving of workings across the strike of the fault) can complicate the geodynamic situation and requires further monitoring.


Seismic activity Monitoring Saamsky fault Impact of mining operations 


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  1. 1.Mining Institute Kola Science Centre RASApatityRussia

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