Scheduling of Test Operations at Bosch Thermotechnology R&D Laboratory

  • Pelin Akçay
  • Mustafa Doğa Çetin
  • Batu EkmekçiEmail author
  • Beste Yıldız
  • Levent Kandiller
  • Damla Kızılay
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Mechanical Engineering book series (LNME)


In Bosch’s Research and Development (R&D) laboratories, several performance tests are executed to check whether the targeted quality and reliability values of the products are attained. Each product has to go through several tests on several test machines with different processing times. The specified problem in Bosch Thermotechnology entirely fits the Flexible Job Shop Scheduling (FJSS) Problem with machine and operation dependent setup times. The most crucial factor while performing these schedules of the products is to complete them as soon as possible to provide customer satisfaction as well as test machine utilization. Hence, our objective function is to minimize the makespan. Additionally, a decision support system (DSS) for the company on MS Excel is developed.


Flexible Job Shop Scheduling Sequence dependent setup times Greedy heuristics 



We are indebted to our team members Hakan Elmas, Sehercan Yılmaz and Tuğçe Akboyun for their contribution. We appreciate our Bosch advisors Güler Öztürk, Hüseyin Özçimen and Alper Atias for their guidance and support throughout the project.


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