Effect of the Voxel Size on the Final Scan Accuracy in Computed Tomography

  • Michaela KritikosEmail author
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Production of different kind of parts has increasing character. They are different according to materials, shapes, production technology and accuracy. Possibilities of their quality and accuracy control have to taken into consideration. In addition to optical (non – contact method) and contact (CMM) methods there are applied progressive technologies which bring new opportunities into the metrology processes. One of them is application of X - ray beam in measurement process. Computed tomography finds application in the field of different parts quality evaluation. This new method has many unexamined areas which are necessary to research. One of them is effect of voxel size on quality and accuracy of achieved model.


Measurement Computed tomography X – ray Voxel Models accuracy 



This work was supported by the Slovak Research and Development Agency under the Contract no. APVV-18-0418.


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