Wave Energy Converter Configuration for Coastal Flooding Mitigation

  • Rafael J. BergillosEmail author
  • Cristobal Rodriguez-Delgado
  • Gregorio Iglesias
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In this chapter, the effects of wave energy converter geometry on coastal flooding are explored. In particular, it is assessed the efficiency of two angles between hulls of the WaveCat devices (30\(^\circ \) and 60\(^\circ \)) for the mitigation of coastal inundation. The case study consists of a wave farm composed by 11 devices deployed off a deltaic beach is southern Spain (Playa Granada). First, laboratory tests were performed to determine the reflection and transmission coefficients under low-, mid- and high-energy conditions. Then, these coefficients were used to jointly apply Delft3D-Wave and XBeach-G in Playa Granada considering wave farms with both wedge angles. The results highlight that devices with wedge angles of \(60^\circ \) are more efficient than those with \(30^\circ \) to reduce nearshore wave heights, run-up values and flooded dry beach areas for long wave periods and high-energy conditions. Thus, since coastal flooding commonly occurs under storm conditions, the devices with wedge angles of \(60^\circ \) are more efficient as coastal defence elements against flooding.



The projects, grants, funding entities and data sources that have supported this chapter are specified in the preface of the book. We thank James Allen for his support with the laboratory experiments.


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