Transparency in the Insurance Contract Law of Poland

  • Katarzyna Malinowska
  • Anna TarasiukEmail author
Part of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation book series (ERSILR, volume 2)


As a starting point to our analysis, it should be made clear that Polish law does not provide any definition of transparency. In everyday language (transparentny or przejrzysty), it refers to an easy way of recognising or foreseeing, as well as meaning; public; revealed; not dubious; unambiguous; clear; without any doubts or suspicions as to the real meaning; full disclosure; comprehensibility; etc. In such a context, ‘transparency’ is used in legal texts, as well as in court judgements and opinions of the doctrine. Seemingly, the Polish understanding of transparency does not differ from its universal, international meaning. It is also, without a doubt, recognised as one of the foundations of the efficiency of free trade.


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