Transparency in the Insurance Contract Law of Greece

  • Christos S. ChrissanthisEmail author
Part of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation book series (ERSILR, volume 2)


The macro-economic condition in Greece has been one continuing financial (public debt) crisis since 2008, which has also adversely affected the private sector of the economy and most particularly credit institutions. The average GDP per capita has substantially decreased by about 14% since 2007; it was about US$32,000 in 2007 and had fallen to about US$28,580 in 2018. This is reflected in the insurance market as well, as the total revenue from premiums and the average insurance premium per capita are steadily decreasing during the past years.



The author wishes to thank Miss Xenia Chardalia, LL.B., LL.M., LL.M. for her valuable legal insight and ideas in discussing the issues raised in this chapter.


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