Transparency in the Insurance Contract Law of the Western Balkans

  • Nikola Filipović
Part of the AIDA Europe Research Series on Insurance Law and Regulation book series (ERSILR, volume 2)


The concept and notion of transparency is relatively new in insurance (contract) law. The idea of transparency is penetrating Serbian law from the relevant EU regulations in this field, and most Serbian laws do not explicitly mention transparency as a concept. However, as transparency is understood as clarity and comprehensibility of the contract, a number of general provisions might apply to this end. Transparency and disclosure duties in particular have been analyzed extensively from comparative perspective. As potential candidates for membership in the EU, Serbia and Montenegro launched negotiation process, while Bosnia & Herzegovina signed Stabilization and Association Agreement, which is a first step in the process that entails harmonization with EU acquis. As such, the concept of transparency on the EU level will without doubt largely influence the development of the concept in the jurisdictions covered by the chapter. Additional problem might be that even on the EU level, especially in the EU secondary legislation, there are some inconsistencies in the use of the expression. Transparency is sometimes described as the goal to be achieved, while sometimes it is defined as a tool to achieve the goal, i.e., consumer protection. Until the countries embarked on the process of harmonization of law as part of the EU accession aspiration, there were no explicit pre-contractual information duties for the insurers in Insurance Law, and very limited duties of the insurer under Contract Law.


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