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Part of the Sustainable Development and Biodiversity book series (SDEB, volume 23)


The beneficial microorganisms, majorly PGPR are helpful in the improvement of plant growth and enhanced crop productivity. The future of organic agriculture is bound to be dominated by the application of PGPR. This book has been brilliantly carved out with the information on the mechanisms of interactions, and cross talk of PGPR with plants, that will be useful in designing the strategies of their application. Application of PGPR for biocontrol, as biopesticides, is another domain that has translated in profitable industry, yet the information on their use against viral infections is fascinating. Further, phytoremediation of heavy metal from contaminated soil has been discussed in this book. In fact, the sustainable management of field crops by PGPR triumph its merit, for ensuring the food security in eco-friendly manner, and this book is a valuable collection of information for its application and success.


PGPR Biocontrol Plant immunity Cereals crops Horticulture crops 


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