Cloud and Internet of Things Technologies for Supporting In-House Informal Caregivers: A Conceptual Architecture

  • Antonio Martinez-MillanaEmail author
  • Gema Ibanez-Sanchez
  • Vicente Traver
Part of the Intelligent Systems Reference Library book series (ISRL, volume 170)


Persons in a situation of dependency, or independent but with deficiencies in their autonomy, have specific needs for a better management of their long-term care. New sensing technologies based on real-time location systems, mobile apps, the Internet-of-Things (IoT) paradigm and cloud systems can be used to collect and process information about their activity and their environment in a continuous and truthful way. In this chapter, we analyse current solutions available to support informal caregivers and propose an innovative framework based on the integration of existing IoT products and services of cloud architectures. From the technological point of view, the system we propose is focused on the integration and combination of technologies for providing support for the informal caregiver in long-term care. The differential factor of these technologies is the customization level according to the specific context of the end-users. The main contribution of the proposed systems relies on the intelligence and the management of recorded events to create complex and reliable alerts, and its ability to configure multiple end-user instances and configurations (e.g.: needs, countries, regions, cultures). These type of systems should be sustainable and efficient, and that is why the inclusion of cloud technologies can grant its flexibility and scalability.


Dependency Internet of Things Cloud systems Ambient assisted living Informal caregiver Apps Web portal Ageing 


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