Sparklify: A Scalable Software Component for Efficient Evaluation of SPARQL Queries over Distributed RDF Datasets

  • Claus StadlerEmail author
  • Gezim Sejdiu
  • Damien Graux
  • Jens Lehmann
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Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11779)


One of the key traits of Big Data is its complexity in terms of representation, structure, or formats. One existing way to deal with it is offered by Semantic Web standards. Among them, RDF – which proposes to model data with triples representing edges in a graph – has received a large success and the semantically annotated data has grown steadily towards a massive scale. Therefore, there is a need for scalable and efficient query engines capable of retrieving such information. In this paper, we propose Sparklify: a scalable software component for efficient evaluation of SPARQL queries over distributed RDF datasets. It uses Sparqlify as a SPARQL-to-SQL rewriter for translating SPARQL queries into Spark executable code. Our preliminary results demonstrate that our approach is more extensible, efficient, and scalable as compared to state-of-the-art approaches. Sparklify is integrated into a larger SANSA framework and it serves as a default query engine and has been used by at least three external use scenarios.

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This work was partly supported by the EU Horizon2020 projects BigDataOcean (GA no. 732310), Boost4.0 (GA no. 780732), SLIPO (GA no. 731581) and QROWD (GA no. 723088); and by the ADAPT Centre for Digital Content Technology funded under the SFI Research Centres Programme (Grant 13/RC/2106) and co-funded under the European Regional Development Fund.


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  • Claus Stadler
    • 1
    Email author
  • Gezim Sejdiu
    • 2
  • Damien Graux
    • 3
    • 4
  • Jens Lehmann
    • 2
    • 3
  1. 1.Institute for Applied Informatics (InfAI)University of LeipzigLeipzigGermany
  2. 2.Smart Data AnalyticsUniversity of BonnBonnGermany
  3. 3.Enterprise Information SystemsFraunhofer IAISSankt AugustinGermany
  4. 4.ADAPT Centre, Trinity College of DublinDublinIreland

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