Like a Phoenix from the Pixel: Local TV and Its Special Story of Trust

  • Uwe BrücknerEmail author


Local TV journalism is a difficile area for trust since the audience knows best what is going on in their neighbourhood. Viewers know the scenes, the stories, and the presenter and are therefore very demanding. The usage becomes a habit and creates a base for trust. The broadcasts come with firm program places and daily recurring airtime. The viewer takes this reliability and discoverability as a sign of reliability. The certainty that many thousand citizens see the local programme at the same time makes the viewers imaginary participants of a public debate. The identity of the region becomes visible, the public opinion takes shape on the local television. This involvement makes local channels very special. Trust is the main factor for usage, popularity and effect—and the key to long viewing times, to positive mind set and lasting screen relationship. This article explains the most important qualities of local journalism and how they ensure credibility and trust.


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