Decision-Making Process in Converting to an Open Approach

  • Vaninder K. DhillonEmail author
  • Elizabeth E. Cottrill


This chapter is dedicated to the decision-making process in converting to an open approach. The chapter introduces the need for conversion to open (standard) thyroidectomy for surgeons performing transoral thyroidectomy. The chapter evaluates the role of preoperative and intraoperative assessment in that decision-making process, using case series evidence from experts in the field. Finally, a section on expert opinion highlighting certain factors that may play a role in the need to convert will summarize the chapter. The goal of this chapter is to inform transoral thyroid surgeons of how conversion can play a role during an era of remote-access surgery and with the advent of the transoral vestibular approach and the importance of consenting patients on the possibility of conversion in order to prevent harm.


Conversion Standard thyroidectomy Preoperative assessment Intraoperative assessment Expert opinion 


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