Digital Revolution and the Empowerment of Women in the African Movie Industry: Vistas from Nollywood and Riverwood

  • Bala A. MusaEmail author


The digital revolution has been credited for leveling the playing field for different sectors of society by providing access to information and communication in ways, hitherto, unknown. This study provides a historical-critical-cultural analysis of the expanding role and influence of women in Africa’s film industry, with specific examples from Nigeria’s Nollywood and Kenya’s Riverwood. The chapter looks at the global and local trends shaping gender dynamics in Nollywood and Riverwood. It highlights how changes in technology, culture, and business systems (dis)empower women professionals and practitioners in Africa’s entertainment industry. It underscores success stories while identifying the enduring challenges. Using cultural and critical-feminist perspective, the study illuminates the development potentials that would accrue to all of society from mobilizing and deploying the intellectual and creative powers of both males and females in national and international development.

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