History and Evolution of Nollywood: A Look at Early and Late Influences

  • Adesina Lukuman AzeezEmail author


This chapter critically reviews the history of the Nigerian film industry and how it developed into what is known today as Nollywood. It traces the development from its beginning with the establishment of a Colonial Film Unit by the British, for producing propaganda newsreels, which set the stage for the development of film making in Nigeria, to the emergence of indigenous filmmakers who produced indigenous films designed to satisfy Nigerian people’s yearnings for films with local flavour. It accounts for the factors that led to the shift from celluloid production to video format production. The chapter shows how colonial/missionary film production, Hollywood and Yoruba Travelling Theatre influenced and continue to influence the content of Nigerian video films. It also points the way forward in suggesting how the industry can be re-shaped into a production system that will involve premieres and exhibitions in theatres or cinema houses more consistently.

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