Wearable Continuous Blood Pressure Estimation with Photoplethysmography Sensors Array on the Arm

  • Chunkai Qiu
  • Taiyang Wu
  • Jean-Michel Redouté
  • Mehmet Rasit YuceEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the EAI/Springer Innovations in Communication and Computing book series (EAISICC)


A wearable continuous beat-to-beat blood pressure (BP) monitoring system on the arm, based on a 4-channel photoplethysmography (PPG) array is presented in this paper. Three pulse transit time (PTT) values have been derived from the combinations of PPG signals from the sensors array. We evaluated the system on a group of 5 healthy male subjects. The result suggests that there is a strong correlation between the pulse wave velocity (PWV) derived from PPG signals of the sensors array and the reference systolic and diastolic BP. With the PPG-sensor array, PWV along the arm is divided into several segments. Therefore, more detailed PWV along the arm is found, which can potentially facilitate the accuracy of estimating BP based on the PWV principle.


PPG-sensor array Beat-to-beat PWV Continuous cuff-less BP monitoring 



M. R. Yuce’s work is supported by Australian Research Council Future Fellowships Grant FT130100430.


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  • Taiyang Wu
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  • Jean-Michel Redouté
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  • Mehmet Rasit Yuce
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