Minimal Cooperation (Editorial Introduction)

  • Anika FiebichEmail author
Part of the Studies in the Philosophy of Sociality book series (SIPS, volume 11)


This chapter is an editorial introduction, which gives an overview of the single contributions to that volume. It will illustrate that ‘minimality’ in cooperation can be understood in various ways and that a distinction between internalist versus externalist approaches to cooperation explains why some of the accounts defended in this volume are incompatible with each other.


Cooperation Minimality Internalism Externalism 



This research has been supported by a grant on Minimal Cooperation, led by Corrado Sinigaglia and Hykel Hosni at the Philosophy Department of the University of Milan, Italy, which has been finished for Anika Fiebich in December 2019. Thanks to the members of the Centre for the Study of Social Action at the University of Milan and the Centre for Agency, Values and Ethics at Macquarie University for fruitful scientific discussions.

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