Deep Lasers on Hard Tissue and Laser Prevention in Oral Health

  • Carlo Francesco Sambri
  • Gianfranco Semez


The use of deep lasers on hard dental tissues to treat dental hypersensitivity and prevention by sealing with laser integrated procedures. Hypersensitivity is a common problem for many patients in our offices, and management is quite complex. Deep lasers such as Nd:YAG and diode laser can be used, with different techniques and different clinical approaches in our daily practice. The importance of using chromophore and desensitized chemical products, in addition to laser beam, seems to be strongly recommended. Results on clinical studies and medium-term evaluation show that these procedures are safe, efficient, and time-saving in expert hands.


Nd:YAG Diode laser Dental hypersensitivity Laser sealing PDT 


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  • Gianfranco Semez
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