Carleman Estimates for Second Order Hyperbolic Operators and Applications, a Unified Approach

  • Xiaoyu FuEmail author
  • Qi Lü
  • Xu Zhang
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In this chapter, we establish three Carleman estimates for second order hyperbolic operators. The first one is Theorem 4.1, which is used to solve an inverse hyperbolic problem. The second one is Theorem 4.2, a Carleman estimate in \(H^1\)-norm, and based on it, we further derive the third Carleman estimate in \(L^2\)-norm (see Theorem 4.3). As the applications of the later, we obtain the exact controllability of semilinear hyperbolic equations and the exponential decay of locally damped hyperbolic equations.


Carleman estimate Second order hyperbolic operator Exact controllability Exponential decay Inverse hyperbolic problem 


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