Amirlak Modification of Site 4 Decompression: Endoscopic Assisted Decompression of the Greater Occipital Nerve (GON) with Radical Excision of the Occipital Artery

  • Bardia AmirlakEmail author
  • Michael Chung
  • Mikaela L. Kislevitz


Migraine in the occipital area may be caused in part by dynamic compression of the nerve with the occipital artery. This modified approach to greater occipital nerve migraine deactivation surgery includes endoscopic visualization, a small counter-incision to address distal compression, and radical lysis of the occipital artery—allowing for maximal visualization and complete release of nerve compression both proximally and distally.


Migraine Headache Surgery Decompression Deactivation Endoscopic Occipital Greater occipital nerve Lesser occipital nerve 


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  • Bardia Amirlak
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  • Michael Chung
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  • Mikaela L. Kislevitz
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