Surgery for Rhinosinusitis and Rhinogenic Headache

  • Baharudin AbdullahEmail author
  • Norhafiza Mat Lazim
  • Zul Izhar
  • Jeyasakthy Saniasiaya


There are many causes of headache. One of the underestimated causes is rhinogenic in origin. Sinonasal inflammatory conditions, anatomical variations and severe allergic conditions might give rise to headache. In the absence of these conditions, rhinogenic headache should be suspected. Rhinogenic headache is a headache secondary to mucosal contact points in the nose or sinus cavities in the absence of inflammatory sinonasal conditions, purulent discharge, sinonasal polyps, sinonasal masses or hyperplastic mucosa. When patients suspected of having migrainous headache failed medical therapy, rhinogenic headache should be considered. Assessments include careful history taking, nasoendoscopic examination and imaging. Surgical therapies indicated include endoscopic sinus surgery, endoscopic septoplasty and endoscopic turbinoplasty.


Rhinosinusitis Endoscopic sinus surgery Rhinogenic headache Deviated nasal septum Septoplasty Turbinate hypertrophy Turbinoplasty 


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  • Norhafiza Mat Lazim
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  • Zul Izhar
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